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For the New Sincerity Guy

Postmodern Eye
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Postmodern Eye for the New Sincerity guy: visual treats + timely commentary on the cult of sincerity, reconstructivism, “maximum fun”, human exceptionalism, morality, environment, animals, science, constructs, art and literature. Proudly subverting the grand narrative since 2009.

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"becoming animal", academia, acrylic painting, anatomy, animal behavior, animal discourse, animal people, animal skulls, animal studies, animal symbolism, animal welfare, annotated lists, anthrozoology, anti-censorship, antlers, argumentation, art history, art theory, bioethics, biology, biophilia, bones, canids, commentary, contemporary culture, counterculture, coyotes, creative nonfiction, creative writing, cyborg feminism, dark humor, debating, debunking, deconstruction, defining art, defining nature, devil's advocacy, digital art, discourse, dissent, donna haraway, e.o. wilson, ecocriticism, ecofeminism, ecology, ecopedagogy, ecopragmatism, ecopsychology, education, environmentalism, ethology, etymology, exploration, feminism, fine art, gender theory, grand narratives, graphic art, history, human animals, human-animal hybrids, human-animal relationship, hunting, hypertexts, ideas, imagery, intertextuality, investigative journalism, j.j. grandville, jacques derrida, land conservation, linguistics, literary criticism, local narratives, metafiction, modernism, n. katherine hayles, naturalism, nature art, neurobiology, new sincerity, nonfiction, old-school naturalism, ontology, osteology, painting, parahumans, parody, pastiche, patricia piccinini, pen and ink, phi, philosophical skepticism, photography, photoshop, plein air, poetry, pomo, posthuman theory, posthumanism, posthumanities, postmodern theory, postmodernism, pragmatism, publishing, queer theory, reconstructivism, researching, rogue taxidermy, rural living, satire, scanography, sculpting, sculpture, secular humanism, semantics, semiotics, shapeshifting, signifiers, simulacra, skeleton articulation, skeletons, skepticism, sketching, skulls, social commentary, sociobiology, speedpainting, stephen kellert, subculture, subversion, surrealism, sustainable agriculture, symbolism, symbolist art, synaesthesia, taxidermy, ted hughes, the autobiographical animal, the scientific method, watercolor, werewolves, wildlife, wildlife conservation, wolves, women, women studies, zoology, zoomorphism, zoosemiotics